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Website Re-Imagined...

Times are changing in the digital and online world, the demand for outsourcing custom built websites is diminishing - I've noticed the whole industry is seeing a decline - in part due to these DIY site-builder companies that have cropped up everywhere (terribly restrictive and expensive for the user!) but mostly I think it's down to more focus on Social Media content provision and a more tech-savvy generation behind new start-ups in this region that don't require outside help with their online presence.

As I get older, I also find myself increasingly yearning to spend more time away from the desk and out and about in the beautiful Devon countryside (and beyond) with my camera, and so this website is a recognition of that shift change in my direction and future, and is being re-focused to become more of a diary charting my journey away from the computer and into the wilds. As time moves on I will add more info about my journey and work along the way.

In case you're interested, below is one of the images my camera was shooting when I took the 'behind the scenes' image (shot with iPhone) in the banner above...

Exeter Quayside, © 2018 Matt Hills @ TheNumber27

A long Exposure taken at Exeter Quayside