The Number 27



Here you will find a few of my featured projects galleries. These galleries will each tend to be an ‘in depth’ study of a specific subject matter and will feature commissioned works along with personal projects and experiments.

All the images shown in the galleries below are also available to purchase as Wall Art prints on various mediums (Paper, Canvas, Forex etc) and in various sizing options. I am currently procrastinating on coming up with some sort of ‘Print Shop’ – but in the meantime, just Reach Out if you’d like a Wall Art print from one of these featured projects for your home or business.

I will also be adding a number of these images to my Hi-Res Galleries over on 500px – if you’d like to see any of the images in full screen.

GoPro HERO8 Gallery

Lockdown Photo Gallery

Camera Rotation Part 2 Gallery

Camera Rotation Part 1 Gallery

Physiograms Part 2 Gallery

Physiograms Part 1 Gallery

Chondro Series Part 2 Gallery

Chondro Series Part 1 Gallery