Surfing the Cobb

Late last year I was asked by a good mate, Reg, to accompany him to Lyme Regis and capture him whilst he spent a few hours surfing the swell around the Cobb.

The weather was not great – pretty overcast with bouts of light rain showers as well as being pretty blustery too, but I was able to get a few cool shots.

I was not able to tell even with the telephoto lens, who I was shooting whilst I was positioned on the beach as I was just too far away – so it turns out that the first group of photo’s were of someone else! Haha. (Although, I am very pleased with them anyway as they have the horizon and sky in shot!).

Anyway, once I was positioned on the Cobb, I was able to recognise who I was shooting and managed to get a number of cool action shots of Reg in the water.

The banner pic, and the first three images below are of the unknown surfer, the rest are of my mate Reg.

Mystery Surfer 2Mystery Surfer

Mystery Surfer 3Mystery Surfer

Mystery Surfer 4Mystery Surfer

Reg Surf 1Reg Surfing

Reg Surf 2Reg Surfing

Reg Surf 3Reg Surfing

Reg Surf 4Reg Surfing

Reg Surf 5Reg Surfing

If you recognise the mystery surfer in the first few images – please let me know – along with contact details as I’d love to get in touch to see if he would like to see a selection of the images I took that day. For reference, these images were shot on Sunday the 3rd of November 2019.

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