GoPro HERO8 Black

I recently purchased a GoPro HERO8 Black – I’ve been thinking of getting one for some considerable time – so decided to take up a great discount from GoPro.

Having a bit of extra time on my hands due to the Covid-19 outbreak has also given me a perfect opportunity to learn some new techniques and skills. Primarily I will be using the GoPro HERO8 Black to shoot Time-lapse, but there will be some video footage too – utilising the 4K capabilities of the Camera.

The Time-lapse’s I intend to focus on will be two general types:

  • Daytime scenes across Landscapes and Cityscapes – capturing the movement of the clouds and light across the sky.
  • Nighttime Star Trails capturing our movement through the Galaxy

The Time-lapses will be in two formats – All Daytime will be produced as Video. The Nighttime ‘Night-Lapse’s’ will be mostly arranged in Photo-Stacks to produce a single final image of the Night sky, with a few Videos if the conditions are right.

The Night-Lapse Photo’s will be added to This Gallery – which will be updated as and when new content is produced.

The Video’s will be added to my newly resurrected Vimeo Channel – again as new content is produced.
There are currently weekly upload limits to Vimeo – so that content will not be updated as frequently as the Photo Gallery. However, if this really gets somewhere – then I may well upgrade the Vimeo channel to provide more options and better quality video playback resolution.

If you want to find out more – or want to feature any of the resulting images/videos in your publication – please Get in Touch


I’ve since added a GoProHERO9 to my camera bag – check out the gallery above for more content added.