Vintage 35mm kit

A little while back, whilst going through some boxes (looking for something still as yet unfound) I re-discovered the beginnings of a 35mm Film camera & gear collection…

Most of which are inherited from my maternal grandmother who was somebody who took great pride in the images she took, (mostly in her capacity as a city councillor for Plymouth) and the camera’s she used.

These consist of a 1970’s compact Agfa Optima Sensor (first produced in 1959) that has a bit of a cult status these days with the images it captures and some interesting light leaks.

Alas, this needs to be repaired as it doesn’t currently operate. I must get it looked at though as it would be a great little camera to always have at hand.


Vintage 35mm Agfa Optima compact Camera

35mm fixed lens Agfa Optima Sensor


Along with a 1960’s Praktica SLR with it’s original Pentacon 50mm f1.8 and a 1953 Zeiss 35mm f2.8 – which is known as the ‘Zebra’ lens due to it’s chiselled style bevel grip and is a legendary lens that captures light beautifully. Both lens are so good and clean that with the aid of a simple mount converter (they’re M42 screw fit) I actually use them quite often with my modern Canon DSLR camera – although being fully manual they do take some getting used to – especially with the Zeiss and its near full 360 focus rotation.

Vintage Practika 35mm SLR Camera

1960’s Praktica SLR Camera


Vintage Pentacon 50mm Prime lens

Pentacon 50mm f1.8 lens


Legendary Vintage Zeiss 35mm prime lens

Legendary ‘Zebra’ 1953  35mm Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon f2.8 lens


Also in the box was my first camera way back when i was a kid – a Zenit 11 with an unusual 58mm f2 lens – both in great condition – although as it’s lumbered with a really heavy and clunky shutter mechanism, it’s little wonder i didn’t use it much…

Zenit 11 35mm SLR Camera

Zenit 11 35mm SLR Camera


Unusual Zenit 58mm f2 Lens

Unusual Zenit 58mm f2 Lens


oh, and in case you’ve not figured out what the image at the top has got to do with old camera’s and lenses yet – well, it was taken with my Modern DSLR Canon fitted with the Zeiss lens – great light and bokeh!