Working Remotely…

As part of my drive to spend less time at my desk and more time working remotely – I’ve curated a collection of technology that enables me to pitch up and get work done virtually anywhere I choose. Below is a breakdown of the tools/gadgets I’ve accumulated to help me achieve this extra lease of freedom.


Working Remotely - Image Key


  1. iPad Pro & Pencil

    This is quite possibly the most powerful computer device I now own (my desktop is a few years old and on paper the iPad has more computing power).
    In addition to the usual collection of day-to-day Apps installed – there are a few productivity Apps worth noting:

    1. Affinity Photo – Industry leading Photo editing Software from Serif (nope, not Adobe!) – this App is amazing and has all the tools and power of it’s desktop counterpart, and is a one stop shop for editing RAW & JPEG files. Paid version, and on iOS only.
    2. Dropbox – Free or Paid Cloud storage that is great for moving images/files across multiple devices on any platform. Also very good for sending large files to others. (for eg; I use it to send large print files to my local printer). Free accounts start with around 2GB of storage.
    3. Evernote – Cloud based Notebook with powerful tools that allow for a huge amount of varied content to be synchronized between devices that have the app installed. Worth adding though that the free version only allows for two devices to be connected to the same account.
  2. WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive

    Mass storage is so cheap these days that you can easily get a lot of space for very little physical bulk. This drive is pocket sized but packs a huge amount of space, and easily quick enough for even the most demanding tasks. Why Orange? – well, of the colours available this was the cheaper at the time of purchase (Amazon algorithms are a mystery) and I quite like it too.

  3. RAVPower Filehub Plus

    For such a small device – this packs a mighty punch…

    1. Convenient Storage & Backup – Transfer files between SD cards, USB drives, hard disks, and your phone, tablet, or computer to free up valuable memory space.
    2. Portable Wireless Travel Router – Instantly converts a wired network to wireless. Bridge mode connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and broadcasts it as a new wireless signal.
    3. The Accompanying App – Seamless sharing and streaming of videos, photos, and music between your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices.
    4. Power Bank – Powers connected Hard Drives (like it is doing in the image above), Charges my iPhone and other small accessories too!.
  4. Canon 60D – My aging workhorse of a DSLR (ideally, in need of an upgrade) currently fitted with my vintage Carl Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens.
  5. Decaf Soy Latte – Yes, I know… But it is great coffee! (Hoping they can find an Oatly oatmilk supplier though)
  6. Union Road Moto Velo – Not just the best coffee & cakes in town – but a great place to hang out too!

If you’d like to start a free account with DropBox – use this link and get free bonus storage: Sign Up for Free