Lockdown Photo Project

So, because of Lockdown I, and I’m sure all of you – have been somewhat bored with not being able to go into work and exercise my brain, so I embarked on a ‘Lockdown Photo Project’ to keep the grey matter working hard…

I decided that in order to maintain my typical exercise levels that I would ordinarily achieve working in the shop, I would utilise my government sanctioned daily exercise to go on photo walks – with the results being posted daily to my Instagram account (I need to post more frequently to that anyway!).

The difference from the ’typical’ is that I’m not heading out until the evening when there is literally nobody else around (‘Social Distancing’ done right!). The photos photo’s would also only be taken with my iPhone (an 11 Pro) and would be ’Straight From the Camera’ ie; unedited (apart from cropping).

Fortunately it turns out that my phone takes remarkable photos at night with it’s AI powered ‘Night Mode’.

Being such a small form factor, and still being pretty limited with composition options – it has been really interesting and a learning experience as to how it forces me to look differently for my subject and how I capture it.

here are just a couple of my favourites from the project – you can view the full set here: Lockdown Photo Gallery


Manhole Cover


Reflections of Market Street


Alien World


Park Bench

Park Bench


Beam Me Up

Beam Me Up


I doubt I’ll add these to my Hi-Res Galleries in 500px – as they are probably not of high enough resolution to meet their criteria – however I will most likely add them to my Facebook Page in the near future…

If you wish to publicise this Lockdown Photo Project in your publication – please Get in Touch