Loire Valley or Bust…

Being surrounded by motorcycles in my role at Union Road Moto Velo has inevitably resulted in a push to get my motorcycle license.  There was even talk of it being compulsory for staff to have one – but anyway, lessons and test are in my immediate future.

With this in mind, a good friend invited me to join him and a few others for a road trip to the Loire Valley next summer. The rub being that I need to get there under my own steam – ie; on my own bike! This poses a not insignificant problem of actually being able to afford a bike in time for the trip.

So over the last few weeks I’ve hatched a cunning plan – Crowdfunding! A considerable number of people have already proved that you can raise substantial funds for ridiculous things. So why not a motorcycle capable of transporting me to the Loire Valley and back?

I figure that if everyone I know contributed at least the cost of a pint – it would go a long way towards reaching the goal of getting something roadworthy that doesn’t require a team of mechanics in convoy…

So, here we are – me asking for your help – and you wondering how I have the brass neck to ask for it in the first place.

Anyhoo… Thanks for spending a couple minutes reading all that – and should you also decide to add to the pot – Thank You Very Much!!

The link below will take you to my newly created ‘Loire Valley or Bust’  GoFundMe fundraising page – where I hope you’ll leave a little contribution to the cause.


You can of course also Reach out and Contact Me if you have questions about any of this…

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