My Travels With…

Along with the major changes here, I’ve also launched what is currently a side project called ‘My Travels With’ that is focussed purely on travel and adventure photography – which if everything go according to plan – will in the future become my main focus.


My Travels With Logo

My Travels With Logo – designed with Social Media icons in mind


At the moment it is based purely in social media, with the Lions share being Instagram, with Facebook and 500px in development. As it grows and becomes more sustainable I will develop a main online presence with a website that links up with the Social Media profiles.

I’m currently feeding it with archive images from past trips, but will soon start adding new material – including local day trips – as and when I can.

The image at the top btw, is from a trip to Rome back in 2009, and you can see some more images from that trip and others in the Instagram Gallery here: MyTravelsWith