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Commercial Licensing...

In a bid to give my photographic work some more exposure I have started adding a selection of them to a commercial stock image bank website...

Alamy boasts one of the most diverse ranges of subjects and types of images for these type of global image banks to hold - and I have added quite a few images to this service - and will add more as time moves on.

They are in two categories:

  • RM - Rights Managed - for eg; the image in the banner above, where it is only suitable for individual prints or for news/archival publishing (because it features recognisable property or individuals - and release forms are unlikely to be available).
  • RF - Royalty Free - which are suitable to be used for any type of publishing/print as they do not need any further permissions/consent.

To see which images are available with Alamy - see link and follow instructions below.

View my Images Here

The link above will bring you to  a search box - to view my images - type "thenumber27" in the search box on screen and press enter. - you then can also filter the results by selecting/unselecting the RM/RF tick boxes in the upper right of the screen.

Of course, most of my images are available to view im my Hi-Res Gallery Here, and they are all available to purchase as ready made prints directly from me - simply let me know which images you're interested in, along with likely size and medium (Canvas, Aluminium, or on Paper mounted, glazed and framed) and I'll give you a breakdown of price options.