Commercial Licensing

Chondro Series Pt.1

As a direct result of the small shoot I did with the Brazilian Rainbow Boa - I was asked to shoot a collection of snakes that had all been bred by their owner.
Commercial Licensing


In a bid to give my photographic work some more exposure I have started adding a selection of them to a commercial stock image bank website...
Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Not Your Everyday

So, I had an unusual commission asked of me a while ago, which I fulfilled on a recent sunny Sunday afternoon (yes, we've had one or two of those lately too!).
The Beast from the East

Beast from the East

Just as Storm Emma was about to combine with 'The Beast from the East' I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit Devon's south coast to do some photography..
Shobrooke Park Lake

Wall Art

Whether it is for your Business, Workplace or your Home, I have a growing selection of images suitable for large and small scale printing on several different mediums
Wire Wool Spinning

Wool Spinning

Despite being really interested in Long Exposure photography (and having all the gear to do it) - until recently, I'd never got round to spinning some steel wool and capturing it.
Promo Shot with Bokeh

Vintage 35mm

A little while back, whilst going through some boxes (looking for something still as yet unfound) I re-discovered the beginnings of a 35mm Film camera & gear collection...
My Travels With

My Travels With

Along with the major changes here, I've also launched what is currently a side project focussed purely on travel and adventure photography...
Exeter Quayside


As I get older, I find myself increasingly yearning to spend more time away from the desk and out and about in the beautiful Devon countryside (and beyond) with my camera...